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Image of a computer with a blog layout, representing TOPDOG Legal Marketing’s services in digital marketing for lawyers and inclusion in the LexBlog and Arizona Attorney Daily blogging networks.

TOPDOG Legal Marketing, LLC is pleased to announce the acceptance of our blog into the LexBlog and Arizona Attorney Daily legal blog networks. The organizations screen and syndicate blogs about law, primarily publishing law firm blogs written by attorneys. This inclusion affirms TOPDOG’s work and illustrates our unique value as a company led by attorneys who strive to provide quality services, content, and digital marketing for lawyers.

Quality Resources and Services in Digital Marketing for Lawyers

Krista Duncan Black, an attorney with experience in the digital publishing industry, recognized a need in the legal community when she founded TwoDogBlog, which grew into TOPDOG Legal Marketing. While some companies were targeting law firms and attorneys with blogging, website, and other digital marketing services, those businesses generally didn’t offer the legal acumen of licensed attorneys or the depth and originality of content that most attorneys would prefer in writing that accompanies their bylines.

As a company providing digital marketing for lawyers, TOPDOG is proud to be featured, as LexBlog says, “alongside more than 50,000 legal professionals and some of the world’s most prestigious firms.”

About LexBlog and Arizona Attorney Daily

LexBlog publishes blogs about law written by attorneys and legal professionals across the United States. The company’s editorial policy states that their goal is to “provide readers with insightful, relevant, and impactful content.” Posts published by LexBlog discuss various topics of interest to the legal community, including coverage of specific practice areas as well as practical matters like administration, ethics, and data security.

Each post included on the LexBlog publishers’ platform is reviewed by editors for originality, tastefulness, writing quality, reader engagement, importance, value, and categorization of content.

Arizona Attorney Daily is the official magazine of the State Bar of Arizona (SBA). While we serve clients nationwide, TOPDOG Legal Marketing is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and CEO Duncan Black has been an SBA member for more than 20 years. It is an honor and an affirmation for TOPDOG to be included in this award-winning publication, which boasts a faithful following among Arizona attorneys and a national reputation for excellence.

About TOPDOG Legal Marketing

Digital marketing should draw traffic and, most importantly, qualified leads to your website; it should build relationships and demonstrate thought leadership. But it is also imperative to build an online presence that truly reflects the values and strengths of your firm and to publish material that is legally accurate and ethically sound. TOPDOG is a steadfast, enthusiastic business partner that helps you define your ideal digital presence and “get found” online.

“With TOPDOG Legal Marketing, lawyers are invested in every step of your efforts to reach and attract future clients,” says TOPDOG’s Legal Content Director, attorney Heather Kane. “We understand the legal concepts you want to advertise and the constraints imposed by the Rules of Professional Conduct. Whether you want to build a new website, brush up your existing one, or extend your reach through the effective use of social media, we can help and show you the effectiveness of your campaign on the back-end.”

Few attorneys or law firms have the time and capacity to perform all of the tasks required to create a truly beneficial digital presence:

“Marketing is a necessary corollary to practicing law,” says Duncan Black, “but attorneys often don’t have the time or inclination to market their firms. And to make matters worse, many have spent a lot of money on failed marketing efforts. Lawyers need someone they can trust, someone who understands the practice of law and can build and execute a marketing plan for them in this digital world. That’s where we come in. We develop and execute strategy to meet client goals while freeing up attorney time to practice law.”

As emphasized by the inclusion of our blog content in LexBlog and Arizona Attorney Daily, TOPDOG is a part of the legal community. As lawyers working to help other lawyers, company leadership ensures we maintain the highest standard. To discuss law firm blogs, attorney marketing, and other aspects of digital marketing for lawyers, reach out to us today by calling (844) HEY-T-DOG (439-8364) or completing our online contact form.

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