Meet the Dogs

If you’ve met Our Pack, you know that we strive to provide digital marketing solutions for law firms that are nothing short of inspired. From where do we draw our inspiration? Among many muses are two who have been there from the start: the dogs!

By the way, the rumors are true: These dogs don’t actually write.

Image of TOPDOG Dogs showing the mascots that eventually lead to TOPDOG Legal Marketing.

Our Company Name: TOPDOG Legal Marketing

When we brainstormed company names back in the day, one of the very first ideas was “two dog blog.” Cute, we thought, but would it do the trick? So we Silicon Valley’d it by smushing the words together and capitalizing the words—and “Presto!”— TwoDogBlog℠ was born.

We’ve grown a lot since those days, so in late 2019, we rebranded to capture all the great digital marketing services we provide. We retained the color scheme and adopted T-DOG as our official mascot.

But we still love helping fellow attorneys learn about digital marketing and “get found” online.

Why Us?

With us, your law firm is not just another account in some mega-marketing company that spins services. We believe in building relationships with our clients and in getting to know them and their practices. That’s how we do business.







TOPDOG Dog paws.
Image of the original TOPDOG Dogs.