What’s the Big Deal about Organic SEO Services?

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Why should your law firm consider organic SEO services? The number of people who search for information on the internet grows higher every year. Whether the individual is directly searching for an attorney who offers the products or services you provide or simply researching a legal topic, you are missing an opportunity to engage with potential clients if your law firm’s website doesn’t appear in the right search engine results.

Organic SEO Services Help Law Firms Get Found Online

Search engines review, categorize, and index the information on each page of a website. This information is then used by search engines, like Google, to determine how well a given page answers a question or query posed by an individual searching the internet.

Complex and undisclosed search engine algorithms take in an overwhelming amount of information, from your site’s speed and security to your content’s popularity and relevance. This data is used by search engines to decide which websites and pages to present as the best potential resources for the question at hand.

Competition from advertisements, which now appear atop a search results listing, and other new elements of the search engine results page (SERP), further complicate an already busy field. So how can your law firm rise to the top in the face of such commotion? The first step is a thorough understanding of the answer to this question: what is organic SEO?

What Is Organic SEO?

Organic search engine optimization uses keywords, formatting, and other techniques that help your content get the attention of search engines. Strong organic law firm SEO gives your website visibility and credibility with both search engines and real people.

Solid content and effective SEO work together to help your site’s performance improve. SEO that brings attention to your site but leads users to content that is not what they needed will only hurt your business; you’ll lose trust and your brand will suffer.

Paid vs. Organic Search Results

It is important to understand the distinction between paid vs. organic search results. Paid search results advertising, such as Ads from Google, allows you to specify factors, such as keywords, demographics, and geography, which will cause a search engine to display an advertisement for your law firm at the top of a search result page.

Paying for search results is generally not as desirable as obtaining high organic search rankings, but this form of advertising sometimes has a place in a digital marketing campaign. For example, if your law firm cannot achieve a high ranking organically for a critical search term, paid results can be a good option, at least in the short run.

However, every advertising campaign should start with a clear plan. When used, paid advertising should be purchased in a way that matches the search terms to the landing page. Otherwise, users who do click and visit your site will not stay long. The most effective approach involves creating specific landing pages that are tailored to individual paid campaigns.

It’s important to consider paid vs. organic options when creating a law firm digital marketing plan. Ultimately, though, while you can buy search engine results as advertisements, many internet users report that they skip listings notated as advertisements and move directly to organic results.

Should You Consider Professional Organic SEO Services?

While a do-it-yourself SEO approach may be used, professional organic SEO services offer a unique knowledge of how to rank organically with search engines in ways you can’t buy. The best SEO specialists keep up with research that helps to shed light on the dozens of factors used by search engine algorithms to return and rank results.

In addition, search engines have added features like related questions and local packs that can be captured to draw more people to your website; search engine specialists know how to research keywords and write content in a way that is more likely to capture these important features. And experience with legal markets is critical to delivering solid results.

Professional organic SEO services should have a knowledge of the ever-changing algorithms, rules, and practices that can help or hurt your chances of appearing in search results. These services often have paid accounts for premium SEO tools, along with the knowledge to write for the screen and search engines while creating content that people will want to read as well.

Organic Law Firm SEO Services from TOPDOG

Your goals might be to increase brand recognition, build reputation and thought leadership, or drive potential customers to your website (or maybe all of the above). To achieve any of these, you should be able to answer the question “what is organic SEO?” You must also obtain the knowledge and skills to make organic SEO work for your law firm.

TOPDOG Legal Marketing provides organic law firm SEO services that use ethical techniques to move traffic to your website and leads into clients. We have the skills, experience, and tools to produce quality content that gets noticed by search engines and people. When you’re ready to “get found” online, contact us to learn more about how we can make that happen: (844) HEY-TDOG (439-8364) or (480) 744-7331.

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