TOPDOG Legal Marketing Partners with the State Bar of Arizona

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Image of the State Bar of Arizona’s logo, representing the partnership between the organization and TOPDOG Legal Marketing, LLC.

TOPDOG Legal Marketing is excited to announce that it is now an approved partner of the State Bar of Arizona (SBA). This distinguished partnership allows the legal marketing firm to connect with more law firms and attorneys while supporting the mission of the SBA and the Arizona legal community.

The TOPDOG team is humbled to be the first legal marketing agency to be granted a partnership with the SBA. The opportunity allows the firm to offer its personalized legal marketing strategies and plans to SBA members at a discounted rate. As an SBA partner, TOPDOG plans to set a high standard for excellence, measuring that goal on its clients’ successes and growth.

The process to become an SBA partner includes vetting by the organization’s Chief Member Services Officer, submission of a proposal and references, approval of the association’s CEO, and a contractual agreement.

“Partnering with the SBA allows our firm to work closely with one of the most respected bar associations in the country and its members,” said TOPDOG founder and CEO Krista Duncan Black, an attorney and SBA member. “We consider it a privilege to be a part of the SBA’s partnership program, and it serves as motivation for our ongoing goal of providing quality legal marketing services to clients across the country.”

TOPDOG looks forward to working with fellow SBA members to help them “get found” online. The agency welcomes future partnership opportunities with other state bar and legal organizations.

To learn more about TOPDOG’s partnership with the State Bar of Arizona and available member discounts, visit

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