Legal Marketing Agency Execs Celebrate 25th Bar Anniversary

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Image of Krista Duncan Black and Heather Banner Kane during their law school years, representing their path to leadership with legal marketing agency TOPDOG Legal Marketing.

Krista Duncan Black and Heather Banner Kane, the CEO and chief production officer of TOPDOG Legal Marketing, LLC, recently celebrated the milestone of 25 years as licensed attorneys. Prior to their swearing in, Black and Kane graduated from Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law, where they were roommates and Moot Court partners.   

Black and Kane have maintained continuous licensure since becoming members of the bar—Kane in Indiana and Black in West Virginia and Arizona. Both worked as attorneys in private practice and government positions before Black, recognizing the value of a legal marketing agency led by lawyers, founded TOPDOG in 2015.

Kane was a natural choice for a leadership position and says the role of chief production officer at TOPDOG allows her to apply skills and knowledge gained over the years as an attorney to novel situations and challenges.

“Law school awakened in me a passion for research, writing, and approaching problems from all angles,” Kane says. “The shift to digital marketing for lawyers lets me use those skills while also feeding my love of learning new things.”

Black, too, has found boundless satisfaction in applying established skills and developing new ones through her work with TOPDOG.

“In law school, I never imagined I would be doing anything other than practicing law, a profession I truly enjoy,” says Black, reflecting on her career path. “But I’m blessed to work daily with Heather and a team of professionals who bring exceptional quality and personal service to our clients. It’s a ton of fun, and we meet lots of great people along the way.”

About TOPDOG Legal Marketing, LLC: TOPDOG Legal Marketing’s attorney-led team serves clients nationwide, providing legal content, digital marketing, and website design and maintenance services to help attorneys and law firms “get found” online.

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