Legal Content Promotion Services

Deliver your content and message using marketing channels that reach your ideal clients, whether that’s through traditional press releases, e-newsletters, or online.
Image of a star on a tablet screen, showing how TOPDOG Legal Marketing uses legal content promotion services like law firm websites and social media, pay-per-click and ad campaigns, and press releases to help law firms "get found" online.

Your Website & Social Media Accounts

Let us take the lead in delivering your content via your law firm’s online assets–its website and social media accounts like LinkedIn and Facebook–and worry no more.

your Law firm's website

The simplest and least expensive way to publish your content is on your law firm website. Did you know that certain well-written and optimized legal content often outranks all pages other than Home and Attorneys? Ask us for details.

your law firm's social media

Don’t underestimate the power of your law firm’s social media accounts. With a little effort, you can build brand recognition, thought leadership, and even website traffic using the accounts you already own.

Pay-Per-Click & Social Ads

Develop PPC peace of mind, paying for law firm pay-per-click ads on Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads), and social media only when you really need them.

google ads & microsoft advertising (bing)

Many law firm marketing companies are all about paid advertising. We respectfully disagree. Paid (a.k.a. “disposable”) advertising has a place in legal marketing, but only for certain purposes and as part of a targeted campaign.

social media ads & boosts

A well-planned paid social media campaign can drive traffic to your website, and a custom landing page helps those who click through continue their journey so they become clients.

Press Releases & Outreach

Get noticed with conventional tools like press releases and modern ones such as outreach and e-newsletters.

press releases, story pitches, & speaking pitches

Don’t underestimate the power of old school marketing techniques. We help clients earn attention and high-quality links with press releases, story pitches, and even speaking opportunity identification and pitches.

law firm e-newsletters

Your law firm newsletter is an easy way to stay top of mind with current and potential clients. With an open rate of about 20%, attorney newsletters help you gain repeat, referral, and new clients.


Unsure how to build your law firm’s reputation with influencers and online resources? We’ll identify outreach opportunities that build your expertise naturally.

How Can You Best Reach Your Law Firm’s Ideal Clients?

Get eyes on your legal content with promotional strategies tailored to your practice areas and audience.