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The Internet is a vast virtual world and its prominence in modern society can’t be denied. Where do you turn when you are seeking services or information of all kinds? It’s likely that your first stop is a search engine. Statistically, this is true for the majority of people and it’s a practice of which law firms must take note—and action. Law firm SEO services can manage these tasks for you and, when done well, increase your chances of being discovered online by potential customers or influencers.

Maximizing the ROI of Law Firm SEO Services

Current consumer behavior demands a different approach to attorney SEO marketing. Firms should have a website and accompanying blog and should use search engine optimization (SEO) to bring potential clients to those resources. Once readers arrive at your website, your content should inform and maintain reader interest. A certain skill set is required to create web content that is authoritative, useful, and optimized. If your law firm SEO expert hasn’t mastered these skills, your return on investment will suffer. So what should you look for in law firm SEO services?

Law Firm SEO Services by Lawyers, for Lawyers

Attorneys attend school for many years to gain the knowledge and expertise to be proficient in the field. Consumers and potential clients seek out the specialized knowledge that you, as an attorney, have acquired. By sharing some of your knowledge, you establish yourself and your firm as thought leaders in your areas of expertise.

However, any time you spend writing blogs takes you away from work that yields results for your clients (not to mention billable hours). There are a lot of decent writers in the world who can create content for your blog, but content creation and SEO for lawyers are unique. A law firm’s web presence will benefit most from content that is created by someone with a deep knowledge of the legal field.

What Else Should You Look for in Law Firm SEO Services?

There is a reason many law firms contract services for lawyer SEO marketing. Search engine optimization is a highly specialized field that requires constant upkeep of skills and knowledge to remain informed of current best practices. In a quest to provide the most useful information to users, Google and other search engines are constantly modifying algorithms that determine which web pages and sites appear in search results. If the person or persons managing your website and blog are not experts in SEO, you are probably not achieving your full online potential.

Publishing Experience Enhances Attorney SEO Marketing

The next skill-set you should seek in a law firm SEO expert is publishing experience, specifically online publishing. Studies have shown that the reader’s eye tracks differently across the page when viewing digital content. You might have a brilliant attorney creating optimized content for your blog, but if that person doesn’t possess an understanding of digital publishing, the reader might not stay long enough to read it. Any time a user bounces from your website in this way, it tells the search engines that your content was not what the customer was seeking, and it ultimately drops your site lower and lower into the search engine results listing.

SEO for Lawyers, by Lawyers

The TOPDOG Legal Marketing team offers rich experience in the legal industry, as well as a passion for the profession that will make your website and blogs shine. Lawyer SEO marketing is a large part what we do, and we do it well.

Our interest in SEO for lawyers borders on infatuation, and we strive to provide the most up-to-date techniques to help your content get noticed by search engines and people. Our team’s publishing experience rounds out our skill set and offers clients a perfectionist’s approach that produces clean and attractive content.

To learn more about the law firm SEO services TOPDOG Legal Marketing can deliver, contact us to schedule a consultation today: (844) HEY-TDOG or (480) 744-7331.

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