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Find your tribe and love them hard. We see that phrase memed with visual elegance on the web and hashtagged across social media. But how does that apply to your law firm? How do you find your tribe? More importantly, how do you serve your tribe? One of the best ways to develop and empower your tribe (or potential tribe) is to embrace the benefits of law firm newsletter content.

How Law Firm Newsletter Content Serves You and Your Tribe

Historically, clients were drawn to law firms based on need. They arrived on the doorstep only when they had a legal question or problem, and marketing was pretty much verboten by ethics rules.

With the onset of the digital age, much has changed. The legal community is exploring the depths and limits of marketing options for law firms. Chief among these—but often ignored—is law firm email marketing, usually in the form of a law firm newsletter.

What Is Your Tribe, and How Do You Find It?

In marketing terms, your tribe is your current and potential client base. Finding and loving your tribe simply means finding the folks whose points of pain you can serve and then serving them well.

In email marketing terms, your tribe starts with your current client list. These folks are your clients because they have particular issues and needs that you address well for them. Your current clients are sources of not just repeat but also referral business.

Potential tribe members are folks who have legal questions or issues that you’re ideally suited to handle. These are the folks you want to join your tribe. (Just remember to stay this side of CAN-SPAM, which sets rules for email marketing.)

Just What Are the Benefits of Law Firm Newsletter Content?

Emailed newsletters give you a reliable tool to keep your brand at top-of-mind. Make sure your brand is the first to come to mind by regularly sharing information your clients and potential clients will find useful. In today’s competitive legal market, brand awareness is key to success.

But brand awareness is just one of the benefits of email marketing for law firms. Providing engaging, useful information for your clients and potential clients also has other benefits:

  • Direct access. Your clients are with you because they know the value you offer. When you’re sharing your expertise, these people want you in their inbox. Tribify them!
  • Tell them what you want them to hear. Broadcast the hot legal issues of the day and how you manage them. You are the expert! Let them know it (in a nice, cool, non-know-it-all way.)
  • You are speaking directly to them. Shine like a diamond and fill your message with important stuff that says something about the great work you and your firm are doing.
  • Love them hard. Track down some folks in the tribe! Find out what they like. Snap them up. Put it out there for the world to see. Nothing rates higher than testimonials.

Sharing issues and solutions with your tribe is a gift to both sides. Your tribe benefits from the information you’ve shared, and you show your expertise and grow your brand.

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If you tell the managing partner your goal for this month is to “create a tribe,” make sure you get a video of that and upload it to YouTube. The reaction and your fast-paced retreat out of his or her office will go viral in seconds. (Not quite Keyboard Cat level, but, until we see the final cut, we can’t make a call.)

However, if you say you’re implementing a data-driven, omnichannel plan that leverages smart content around a stakeholder-focused digital hub, you might just put yourself at the front of the line for making partner. Toss in a word or two about search engine optimization (SEO) and the corner office is yours!

Buzzwords aside, that awesome newsletter you and your team just spent so much time and resources to create needs to motivate a current client to seek additional services or lead a potential tribe member back to your website and to that one particular blog post. If you can do that, you’ve won.

Telling Your Story: Internal Marketing and Law Firm Newsletter Content

Every tribe needs a story. It unites us. Sharing that story internally is another extraordinary benefit of lawyer email marketing. Cool stuff is happening in every workplace but getting that info out the proverbial door can be a challenge. We overcome that by tossing it in a newsletter (don’t sweat the tech details because there is plenty of help out there) and hitting send.

Somebody got a promotion? Include it!

Somebody won a newsworthy or financially significant case? Include it!

Somebody did something and the industry is taking notice? Include it!

The previously mentioned video of you telling the boss you’re going to create a tribe? Don’t worry about it. Everyone saw the clip on YouTube and you’re already trending on Twitter.

It won’t take much digging to find the info your tribe wants to know about.

Be careful, though. There are a few missteps you want to avoid.

Newsletter Marketing for Law Firms: It’s a Family Affair

This newsletter isn’t just for the new kids. Make sure your partners, associate, paralegals, and other staff know what’s going on, too. Sometimes a reminder of what your colleagues are up to provides a great cross-marketing opportunity. Your culture can translate well beyond the parking lot. The tribe members who clock in and out every day can be your biggest and most influential advocates.

There are countless benefits of law firm email marketing. You get to tell your story to people who want to hear it, you bring them to your website to learn more about the awesome things you do, and you make certain that all the folks in your office are in the know about what their colleagues are doing. It’s brand marketing with pizazz!

What are you waiting for? Go out, find your tribe, and love them hard.

Who Can Help You with Law Firm Newsletter Content?

Do you want to learn more about finding your tribe, the benefits of lawyer newsletter content, or other types of digital marketing efforts to wave your law firm’s flag high? TOPDOG Legal Marketing provides premium digital marketing for lawyers. We are lawyers helping lawyers find their way to the top in the digital world. For more information about our law firm newsletter service, reach out using our contact page or call (844) HEY-TDOG (439-8364) or (480) 744-7331.

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