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Law Firm Marketing Consulting to Grow a Thriving Legal Practice

What does it take to grow something? Knowledge—understanding what you want to grow and what is necessary to nurture it. The right tools—identifying the best implements to start where you are and scale as you are able. And patience—realizing that viable, rewarding growth takes time and tending.

As an attorney or legal professional trying to grow a flourishing practice, the same requirements apply. At TOPDOG Legal Marketing, LLC, our goal is to help attorneys and law firms cultivate sustainable business growth. That’s why we offer law firm marketing consulting and services to help you gain the knowledge you need, identify the tools that will serve you best, and understand the best path and pace for scaling your efforts.

How Law Firm Marketing Consulting Can Help

If you were a novice gardener, you would seek out resources to help you learn the skills and techniques to grow a thriving garden. You might learn from a family member or friend, take a course in beginner gardening, or find other resources to expand your knowledge.

Alternatively, maybe you tried your hand with plants and have decided that you’re better off taking a weekly trip to the farmer’s market. After all, you can get a great selection of fresh produce and plants there with minimal time or effort.

At TOPDOG, we understand that every law firm is different when it comes to preferences in approaches—and the ones that will work best to achieve their marketing and practice development goals. That’s why we offer customized legal marketing packages and services that begin with a legal marketing consultation to evaluate where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there.

Cultivate Success with a Personalized Legal Marketing Consultation

TOPDOG’s initial marketing consultation includes a digital audit, a one-on-one meeting with founder and CEO Krista Duncan Black, JD, and recommendations for a 12- to 15-month marketing plan.

Our legal marketing consultation is more than a simple conversation and some vague recommendations. Whether you choose to work with us in your ongoing efforts or take another approach, we want you to have tools that will help you get started and know what to expect as you move forward.

The initial digital audit culminates in a detailed introductory report with insights and information gathered by performing these tasks:

We use these assessments to make recommendations that are personalized to your preferences, budget, and goals. When your consultation is complete, you’ll have the data gathered through the methods above and a basic marketing plan that identifies the most effective strategies to align your current position with where you want to be.

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Learn More about TOPDOG’s Law Firm Marketing Consulting Services

Some people prefer a hands-on approach, opting to dig in and learn how to grow a bountiful garden themselves. Others want to join a local community-supported agriculture group (CSA) to ensure they have ongoing access to fresh, healthy foods without getting into the weeds. And there are abundant options that fall somewhere in between.

From a marketing blueprint you execute, personalized digital marketing training, and professional development courses to full-scale marketing plans executed on your behalf, TOPDOG offers flexible marketing plans and related services that are designed to help our clients nurture and grow the practice they want.

Reach out to learn more about how our law firm marketing consulting services can help you evaluate your needs and implement a legal marketing plan to nourish a plentiful practice. Call TOPDOG Legal Marketing at (844) HEY-T-DOG (439-8364) or complete our online contact form to get growing!

A boy looks at a young plant, representing how TOPDOG’s law firm marketing consulting helps to grow a thriving practice.

What You Can Expect to Receive From Your Consultation

  • 1 hr. Meeting with TOPDOG CEO Krista Duncan Black, J.D.
  • Mini Digital Audit-detailed report including:
    • Technical SEO Review
    • Keyword Rankings
    • Link Domain
    • Google Business Profile Review
    • Social Media Activity Review
  • 12-15 Month Customized Marketing Proposal

For $1250 *

*Cost subject to change