Attorneys as Content Writers: J.D. Required?

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Does Your Law Firm Really Need an Attorney Legal Content Writer?

It’s a mistake to think that any writer can write effective legal content. If you want leads that convert, it’s critical to work with someone who can explain how you help potential clients with problems they face. For this, you need an attorney legal content writer with a law degree and real-world experience. Here’s why:

1. Generic legal content might drive traffic but will not convert.

If you want to engage clients, you need attorneys as your professional legal content writers. Think about your current clients. Why did they hire you over other lawyers? They had specific problems they believed you could solve (and you delivered).

Your content must show potential clients that you are the right person to handle their work. The right content not only attracts leads, it resonates with their needs. Only when your content does this will it convert leads into paying clients. That’s what an attorney and legal content writer can do for you.

2. Using attorney legal content writers facilitates connections.

There are a number of differences between attorney legal content writers and generic content writers.

Attorney legal content writers have the training to provide you with fresh, original content developed specifically for you and your areas of practice. Non-lawyers lack the background and context to develop relevant content and connect it to your audience.

An attorney legal content writer is far more effective at performing search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword research for law firms, having already been schooled in legal thought and legal research.

3. Nonlawyer legal content companies lack context.

Here’s how it works when you sign up for content from a typical legal content writing service:

You sign a contract for monthly services, assured that everything will be taken care of for you. Several different employees are assigned to your account. In all likelihood, none of these people have been to law school. None have taken a bar exam. None have practiced law.

You struggle to explain what you do to some or all of these people. The content you receive is inadequate, both substantively and editorially. Without a legal background, these employees lack the credentials to serve you effectively. On top of that, your account is subject to turnover within the company. You’re cycled through changing personnel. You’re stuck in a long-term contract that’s not serving your needs. And you’re paying good money for all of this.

It doesn’t have to be this way. When you hire attorney legal copy writers directly, you’re in control. You have cut out the middleman. You’re a true client, not just another account paying for generic legal content. Your content is created uniquely for you, your areas of practice, and your audience.

4. An attorney legal content writer understands your broader goals.

Strong content not only drives new clients to your website, it has many more advantages:

  • establishing you as a thought leader in your areas of practice
  • developing your reputation as a vibrant, connected legal mind in your community and practice areas
  • educating your clients and colleagues about what you do, leading to referrals and repeat business

Weak, generic legal content achieves the opposite of these goals. You’re considered to be out of touch and not a go-getter—in other words, mediocre.

If you use a generic legal content writing service, you are taking the first step down this road. You may pay a lower hourly or piece-rate (or maybe not!), but you won’t get custom content crafted for you, your areas of practice, or your jurisdiction. You may even have to edit the content extensively. In the long run, you pay more by buying and posting low-quality content, which can negatively impact your practice.

If you’re ready to work with attorney legal content writers who understand what you do and how you do it, contact TOPDOG Legal Marketing today. Our high-quality legal content writing services include law firm website content drafting and revision, attorney-authored legal blogs, and even curated social media content.We speak your language, and we’ll always deliver unique legal content that sets you apart: (844) HEY-TDOG (439-8364) or (480) 744-7331.

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